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Kansas City Regions

The Very Best of Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza

For many out of tourist and locals alike coming to Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza is a favorite destination. The Country Club Plaza which is the first shopping center in the United States was built in 1926. The layout encourages foot traffic among the several square blocks. One of Kansas City trademark is a day of shopping and dining at the iconic local landmark. Kansas City is also known as the City of Fountains, so there are several within the Country Club Plaza.

So if you're looking for fun to round out the day or you're planning to entertain visitors or spend a day with the family near the Plaza; below are some of the places and things you should do in Country Club Plaza.

Plaza lights

During the Christmas of 1925 in the Country Club Plaza, the placed a single strand of 16 colored lights above a doorway to celebrate Christmas. Which over the years the number of this light has increased, which inspire a lighting ceremony in 1930. So, if you're to visit the Country Club Plaza during Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will meet tens of thousands of people coming here to watch the switch-throwing and also to initiate the Christmas season.


Your trip to Kansas City is not complete without eating barbecue. So, if you’re to find yourself anywhere near or in the Country Club Plaza, visit Jack Stack and enjoy a once in a lifetime barbecue experience. You will also come across Gates when you hop a few miles north on Main Street. Or down in Johnson County check out Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue or Sporting KC game; whichever choice you made, there will undoubtedly be a barbecue place to your fit your taste buds.


Kansas City also has an incredible arts scene, even if it is well known for its barbecue. You can explore the galleries in the Crossroads and listen to some great music that Kansas City if you’re to come on the first Friday of the month. You will also come across Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (that house more than 35,000 pieces and features art) and to your east, you will find some large shuttlecocks that have made Kansas City popular.


Shopping is everyone’s hobby when traveling, but the Country Club Plaza stands to be one of Kansas City iconic shopping districts. Right in the Country Club Plaza, you will come across local shops along with major chains. Also, don’t forget about Zona Rosa, when you are here.

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