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Kansas City Regions

The Very Best of Southwest Boulevard

Southwest Boulevard

Southwest Boulevard originated as the result of two property owners who came together to provide land in 1887 linking Kansas City Boulevard (Missouri side) and Kansas City Avenue (Kansas side) together to create what we now know as Southwest Boulevard, or The Boulevard. Today, the boulevard passes through the Crossroads Art District, the Westside, and the Rosedale neighborhood in Kansas.

The Boulevard is known for its wide selection of authentic Mexican restaurants, The Roasterie and the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. The two-state metropolitan area on Kansas City's Westside, is a winding strip of art, culture and industry, barbecue joints, Mexican restaurants, bakeries and shops.

The Roasterie

One of the most renowned specialty coffee roasters in the nation, The Roasterie stands apart from other specialty and direct trade coffee companies by creating extraordinary coffee experiences. Today, The Roasterie remains committed to finding the best green coffee beans from around the world, for the best price. Follow the giant plane originally built in 1943 and take a free coffee roasting tour. Learn all about the cupping, roasting and blending processes that is used to make their signature coffee.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

Founded in 1988, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to become the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest, ranked 12th in the nation for craft beer companies. Considered a specialty brewery, the ever-growing line of cold brews are now available coast-to-coast. Boulevard’s brands range from 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer, described as citrusy with a slightly sweet flavor and light bitterness, to Dark Truth Stout, an “inky” beer with hints of chocolate, coffee and fruits. Experience the entire brewing process and dive into the local history with tours offered seven days a week for all ages.

Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen

Ponak’s is a KC institution and has been cranking out tacos and pouring margs since 1975 with over 280,000 gallons of margaritas and over 6 million tacos sold. Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen’s recipes are influenced by the Sonora region of Mexico, steeped in tradition and flavor for hundreds of years. They use only the finest ingredients and prepare them fresh throughout the day.

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