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Kansas City Regions

The Very Best of Kansas City

Kansas City

From a vibrant restaurant scene to noteworthy cultural centres, here are five amazing reasons to treat Kansas City as anything but a flyover city.

Awe-Worthy Streets

Known as the “City if Fountains”, Kansas City has more fountains than any city in the world besides Rome. From beautiful green spaces, wide boulevards, and upscale and hip shopping and eatery districts, Kansas City oozes with sophisticated and fresh vibes.

Boutique Shoppingy

Historic and cultural neighborhoods like East Bottom and Crossroads District have fashionable stores with high-end department shopping and local wares selling everything from house-made jeans and soaps to perfect gifts like vintage tees along with homemade sauces and jellies. We could call them souvenirs, but the shopping in Kansas City is anything but tacky.

Root for the Home Team

No trip to Kansas City can be complete without a stop at Arrowhead Stadium. Home to the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, the stadium is filled to the brim with red jerseys on game day. This is known as the loudest stadium in the NFL, and their passion is clear from the moment you come near the stadium. Kansas City also has excellent college sports teams—their basketball team regularly gets an invite to March Madness.

Stretch Your Dollar

Kansas City is an excellent city for travelling as your dollar goes far here. The food, hotels, and attractions are among some of the lowest priced in the country. This means a visit to the zoo, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Hallmark Visitors Center, and the Kemper Museum, of Contemporary Art can all be had for little to no cost! Plus, getting around to all these fun and free places is simple. The KC Streetcar is not only green, it has free fares and free Wi-Fi.

Incredible Restaurants

Kansas City does food like no other in the Midwest. You can always find and enjoy some highly guarded family-favorite barbecue, like at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue, but nowadays, Kansas City is stretching beyond the barbecue houses and branching out into some very popular dining restaurants gaining national attention. You can try them all at Kansas City Restaurant Week, where each year the best in town showcase their product for foodies to analyze and savor.

Satisfying Spirits

When you’ve filled your cravings for food, move on to the drink. The Amigoni Urban Winery is an excellent place for a snack and a glass of locally made wine. Beyond that, their beer culture is incredible--you can tour the Boulevard Brewery and sip on dozens of local craft brews, or try a microbrewery like Torn Label, or Border Brewing Co.

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