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Kansas City Regions

The Very Best of Brookside


Brookside is a metropolitan hub where beautiful homes, popular restaurants, shops and cultural attractions coexist. It’s a home to some of the hippest residents in Kansas City. Brookside was the first Kansas City’s suburban shopping area. All houses and offices are built according to elegant style in order to keep the original look and architecture.

Restaurants and Cafes

Jalapenos is a Mexican restaurant when you can try spicy nachos and biggest margaritas in Kansas City. It’s a great place to enjoy tasty Mexican food and catch up with friends and family.

If you’re looking for something fancy, Carmen’s Cafe should be your choice as this Italian bistro has been a Brookside's backbone for years. This is the place where you’ll find comfort Italian food and a friendly atmosphere. Be ready to indulge in a huge menu with affordable prices.

This part of the town has something for everyone. You’ll enjoy the Roasterie Cafe as they offer drinks that are made perfectly, especially cappuccino. Whenever you visit the Roasterie Cafe, you’ll get the best cup of coffee, consistently delicious at any part of the day. Because of the great atmosphere, this place quickly became a neighborhood favorite. Free Wi-Fi access is a great thing, especially for business people, students, and freelancers.


The Brooksider Bar & Grill is one of the most famous places in Kansas City as it is the Friday night’s starting and ending point. Perfect for watching sports with monitors at every level. On the weekends, they always have a cool cover band. All these things make this place a DNA of the neighborhood.

Shopping places

If you need a perfect gift, you don’t to walk far to find what you’re looking for. Stuff is a retail store where you can buy gifts and fine arts things for your home. World’s Window is a place where you can buy ethnic clothing and jewelry. The shop has items not just from Kansas City, but also from all over the globe. It’s recommended to walk through the shop twice because you can miss something the first time. There you can also find musical instruments, decor, candles, accessories and almost everything that comes to your mind.

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