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Kansas City Regions

The Very Best of West Bottoms

West Bottoms

A Touch of History

One of the oldest areas of the city, West Bottoms is an industrial arena immediately to the west of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, where the Missouri River and the Kansas River come together. Originally referred to as the “French Bottoms,” West Bottoms was the site of trade between French trappers and Kansas Indians and was the original home to Kansas City Live Stock Exchange, Kansas City Stockyards, and Kansas City's first Union Depot.

First Weekends

Today West Bottoms is a quiet industrial-chic district that comes alive the first Friday and Saturday of each month. Antiques and vintage goods markets open in century-old warehouses for the First Weekends event, which includes food trucks and live music. Most shops open between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., so arrive early for the best treasures. Word has it, Good Ju Ju is true to its name, and recognized multiple times as KC’s best antique and vintage store.

The West Bottoms Experience

Eclectic contemporary art galleries in the district show their works daily. Treat your taste buds to a tour of KC’s wine scene with a tasting at Amigoni Urban Winery. Check out the industrial-chic vibe at nearby brewpubs, wine bars and steakhouses. The Ship, a classic cocktail bar that hosts live jazz and soul performances. Swing by Stockyards Brewing Co. to sample a West Bottoms take on Kansas City’s booming craft beer scene. Treat yourself at Voltaire, an excellent bistro serving up inventive craft cocktails and globally-inspired small plates.

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